Cognitive Therapy for Dementia

There are different types of cognitive therapy for people with dementia. Cognitive stimulation activities can help stimulate thinking skills and are often group-based. Other types of therapy include reminiscence therapy where past experiences are discussed usually with photographs and other familiar objects. Cognitive rehabilitation therapy aims to improve how you manage everyday tasks. This is done by setting personal goals and finding ways to achieve them. The focus is on developing your strength.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy: what is it?


Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is a brief 14 session group therapy to help dementia patients with communication, memory, confidence and well-being. It is a fun programme of activity sessions which also aims to improve well-being and confidence. Each group session lasts around 45 minutes. The sessions cover topics like food, current affairs, using money and word games.

CST can be administered by any trained health professional who works with patients suffering with dementia. CST sessions can take place in different settings including hospitals, residential homes and day centres. More recently a one-to-one version known as iCST has been developed and this is currenlty available at our clinic.

Does Cognitive Stimulation Therapy work?


CST is currently recommended in the NICE guidelines for people with all types of mild-moderate dementia. It does not matter if they are taking antidementia medication. Research has shown that the positive benefits of CST are as good as the improvements seen with anti-dementia medication.