For health professionals; please click here for the REFERRAL FORM if you could like to refer a patient for memory assessment; if they are happy to self-fund then a GP referral letter is advisable (although not absolutely necessary). We would certainly appreciate the GP completing a referral letter or at the least forwarding us the patients previous medical history, current medications and dementia blood test screen. This will assist in the assessment and we also like to work with the GP to manage the patients future aftercare. Fax number: 0161 282 7555 or alternatively please email to:




For insurers – please complete the above form and contact us directly for advice on the referral process. The referral form includes a section detailing the Policy number and other Insurer details we require. We work with several of the largest private insurance companies in the UK and are amongst their preferred providers. Please contact us directly if you require further information or a CV detailing the medical experience of our experts. You can fax on 0161 282 7555 or alternatively attach and email to


As part of the Governments “Dementia Strategy” we aim to complete high quality memory assessments with a quick turnover time. This ensures the patient receives a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan. We aim to complete the vast majority of assessments within a 2 week timeframe. This is from point of referral to consultant assessment rather than point of referral to first contact with the memory clinic service. This is advantageous to the patient for several reasons if they do receive a dementia diagnosis. It can firstly assist with future care planning which will be very important e.g. lasting Power of Attorney applications. A patient will be in the best position to make decisions for their future care when they have full capacity to make said decisions. Furthermore a faster diagnosis means anti-dementia medication and other psychological treatment can be initiated many months sooner and research has shown that treatments can slow the progression of certain types of dementia.